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Relaxation - Guided Imagery Exercise. Meditation

Relaxation - Guided Meditation Exercise

Sit with both feet on the ground. Relax your shoulders and if you feel comfortable, close your eyes.

Be aware of your breathing and your body. Take two or three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your body relax a little more with each breath.

Be aware of your breath moving through your body and out your mouth. Do for a couple of minutes.

As you are relaxing be aware of anything that you can hear outside or around you and let it go. Be aware of it, and then let it go. Focus on yourself and your breathing.

Imagine you are sitting in a calm and beautiful place. It could a field; a beach; a wood anywhere you find tranquil and beautiful. Imagine you are sitting in the middle of this beautiful place; be aware of the ground beneath you.

Now be aware of anything that has been around for you today that has irritated or angered you. Put each one of those things in a balloon or a bubble. Imagine they are attached to you with a string or ribbon. These are attached to your arms or around your waist. The bubbles or balloons are tethered around you. Put each negative occurrence in a bubble or balloon. Then, when you are ready, cut the string or ribbon and watch the bubbles or balloons float up to the sky out if view.

Be aware of it and let it go, be aware of it and let it go, one by one.

When you are ready stand up. In the sky there is a golden rain cloud. Go and stand under the rain cloud. As you stand under the cloud you become aware that this is no ordinary rain cloud. It is filled with golden raindrops. Stand under the cloud and let the golden rain fall down on you. Instead of the rain running over your body it is running through you cleansing you with gold as it does so.

You are freeing yourself of negative events from the day and you are left cleansed with gold.

When you are ready open your eyes, be aware of your body and your breathing.

Hopefully you are calm and relaxed and ready for the rest of your day.

"The thing about meditation is you become more and more you."
David Lynch

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